Special issue of India Review on the consequences of the 2019 general election

Bilal Baloch and I have guest-edited a special issue of India Review on the consequences of India’s 2019 general election. The issue is out now and you can find an ungated version of our introduction here. Here’s a snippet:

This special issue of India Review addresses the implications of the 2019 general election for India’s democratic polity. The timing of these essays,therefore, is worth noting. Since the authors put pen to paper in the immediate aftermath of the elections, important shifts have taken place in India’s electoral and policy landscape. This is the inevitable challenge of real-time analysis. It is for this reason that we brought together a diverse set of academics and research-oriented practitioners who help place the election in comparative and historical context for students and scholars of India and South Asia. The result is a unique, balanced, and illuminating collection of articles that stand apart from the plethora of post-election analyses. Though the broad remit of this collection is to assess how the 2019election results will impact four key domestic policy and political arenas–the party system, minority rights, economy, and federalism–the underlying philosophical concern pertains to the trajectory of power within India.

I’ll update this post with links to ungated versions of the remaining essays in the coming days:

Adam Ziegfeld, “A New Dominant Party in India? Putting the 2019 BJP Victory into Comparative and Historical Perspective

Adnan Farooqui, “Political representation of a minority: Muslim representation in contemporary India

Yamini Aiyar and Louise Tillin, “‘One nation,’ BJP, and the future of Indian federalism

Rohit Chandra and Michael Walton, “Big potential, big risks? Indian capitalism, economic reform and populism in the BJP era



Live Grand Tamasha Episode on May 19!


It has been a long, long, long Coronavirus quarantine here in Washington, D.C. As the summer rapidly approaches, we decided it was time for something different–on May 19, we will host our first-ever live edition of “Grand Tamasha.” This episode will feature our news round-up regulars Sadanand Dhume of AEI and the Wall Street Journal and Tanvi Madan of Brookings. We will debate the latest in Indian politics and policy and take viewer questions along the way.

You will be able to submit questions in real-time on YouTube, but you can also send them to me on Twitter using the hashtag #GrandTamashaLive or email them to southasia@ceip.org.

The live episode will take place on Tuesday, May 19 at 11:00 a.m. EST (8:30 p.m. IST). Here’s the link to join: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTqeL78D-8g&feature=youtu.be.